Light Dance works in real time

The LDC requires no manual input, and is not preprogramed for specific songs.  This is huge.  Professional light shows rely on highly skilled lighting operators.  Music synchronized Christmas light displays are only programmed for a select set of holiday songs.  Both types of shows can be mesmerizing when they are executed well, but because of their limitations neither of them work for the vast majority of music listening scenarios.  That is where Light Dance comes in, finally there is a music lighting controller for everyone.

Easy to use

The LDC sets up in under a minute and is extremely easy to use.  Just plug your lights into the back, and your music into the front.  Light Dance will take care of the rest.

Your Music

Light Dance responds to your music in real time and the show is different with every song.  No programing is necessary.

How Can I get one?

The Light Dance team is planning a crowd funding campaign in the fall of 2014.  Fill out the form below if you are interested in being one of the first to own a LDC, or simply would like to follow our progress.