Dylan Garrett, CEO

"My journey with Light Dance began when I was a junior in high school.  My friends loved electronic dance music, we were good kids, we didn't drink or do drugs so techno dance parties served as our escape from the stress of AP classes and college preparation.  Some of my favorite memories from that time came from dancing in basements until there were literally holes in our socks.

Light Dance was born out of a desire to make those parties even more fun.  We were looking for an easy way to fill a room with music reactive lights and no available products met that need, so we built our own."

     -Dylan Garrett

Dylan graduated from the University of Southern California in 2013 with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship and coursework in engineering management.  He has been working on Light Dance since high school, and dedicated the last four years to collecting the tools to build this company.  His passion for the product, and familiarity with the target market, make him uniquely suited to lead this venture


Paul Garrett, President

"I have always been fascinated by how the synchronization of light and music elevates our emotions.  This allure lead me to a career in the motion picture and video industries where images and music are skillfully used to enhance our emotional experiences.

Light Dance does the same thing.  It raises the energy of a party, or helps you relax when you want to chill out.  Most of all it makes people smile, and I love that."

     -Paul Garrett

Paul has a diverse background in social media, video production, photography, network television, feature film post-production and marketing/publicity for multimedia companies and Hollywood Studios.  During his nine years in Los Angeles, Paul worked for MGM/UA and Universal Pictures.  While at the studios he learned the craft of “emotional marketing,” which has the powerful ability to influence the hearts and minds of viewers.  Paul is also president of Stone Canyon Productions, which he founded in 2001.  Through that company, he has produced a wide variety of videos and high impact photography for both corporate and non-profit institutions in the USA and abroad. 


Craig Godwin, CTO

Craig Godwin brings extensive and widely varied technical and business experience to the team, having spent over 2 decades as an electronic and mechanical engineer.  He has been the lead engineer and project manager on a number of successful product designs and launches.  Craig's experience as an audio engineer and lighting designer makes him uniquely suited for Light Dance.  His management experience includes being a partner and national sales manager of a software startup company, and president of a major concert promotion business.  Craig holds a US Patent for a product that has exceeded $80 million in sales.  Craig's passion is to design innovative products with great user appeal, and to guide those products through manufacturing and to market.