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What is LightDance?

Light Dance is a brand new product for consumers and entry-level professionals that beautifully synchronizes your lights with your music and enhances your entertainment experience.  The Light Dance controller is an easy-to-use, high quality system designed to nuance the response of your lights according to the rhythm and intensity of your music and create a pleasing visual reaction that works amazingly well with all musical genres.  It adds an entirely new dimension to home entertainment, whether you are throwing a party, sharing music with friends, or just relaxing to your favorite song.

How does it work?

The device itself is a box that serves as an intermediary between your music source, your speakers, and your lights. Just plug in your lights, plug in your speakers, plug in your music source and hit play. LightDance then beautifully fades your lights on and off to match your music.

Who is it for?

Anyone who enjoys music can benefit from owning a LightDance, but here are a few specific applications: 

  • Musicians, DJs, and small music venues, that regularly put on shows without a dedicated lighting expert.
  • College students looking to spice up their dorm room, or throw a better house party.
  • Parents who want to make music more fun for their kids.
  • Holiday decorators (see example videos below with pumpkins and christmas trees).
  • Weddings and events.
  • Restaurants looking to improve their atmosphere.
  • Tailgaters.
  • People with hearing difficulties.

What makes LightDance different?

  • LightDance can be used by anyone, it doesn't take professional stage lighting experience to setup.
  • LightDance actually responds to your music, and in real time. Unlike other systems, it is not preprogramed to specific songs, and doesn't simply create the illusion of music reactivity.
  • LightDance works with any genre of music, because it responds to the full range of frequencies, not just the beat.

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