Light Dance comes equipped with two standard North American power outlets, this gives you the freedom to pick from a massive variety of lights to plug in.

Mini Lights

Mini lights have grown from a Christmas tradition to an all year round mood lighting staple. These days they can be found at house parties, over back patios, in dorm rooms, restaurants, and even music videos. Mini lights are an affordable way to fill a room with warm light, and come in almost any color you would want. Those qualities make them a perfect choice to use with your Light Dance.

Rope Lights

Par Cans

Is Light Dance compatible with addressable LEDs?

This is a question that the Light Dance team gets asked all the time, the answer is no for a couple reasons: We designed the LDC to meet the needs of as many users as possible. Addressable LEDs are awesome in their own way, but their abilities come at a high price.  A typical RGB LED strip costs around $5 per foot, on the other hand, a string of mini-lights would cover over 20 feet for the same price.